Garden Tool Organizer

Using a garden tool organizer to hold all your hand tools is fantastic way to keep yourself organizied. With everything in one place, you have no excuse to get out there and work in your vegetable garden.

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I’ve tried to pick out the best ones that I could find. These look like sturdy garden tool organizers. They are so bright it will be hard to misplace them. Pick your favorite color.

I use an old bag from the Marine Corps and it has worked well for many years. The main point is to make sure you have some container that will hold all of your vegetable garden hand tools. Keeping them in one place will help you so much. When you just have a few minutes to work in your garden and all your tools are in one place, it makes it easy to jump out there and get something done.

Using an old 5-gallon plastic container will work. You need something rugged and that will not be hurt by getting wet. Using an old pail you might want to drill some holes in it for drainage. Keep your tools dry and clean and they will last for a very long time.

If you have kids, get them their own little tools and a spiffy caddy. Training them to take care of their own stuff is one way to instill discipline in them. Plus they will love to help you garden when they can grab their own little kit and go with you.

I hope to get that Fiskars Garden Bucket Caddy come Father’s Day! I think I’ll print this page and leave it out so she can ‘find’ it, hehe. Yea tricky but after being married for close to 37 glorious years, I know what I need to know.

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Garden Tool Organizer Benefits

  • All your garden tools are in one place
  • Saves time having to look for tools
  • You can clean them all at once
  • Your kids will know that these are yours and not to touch them
  • Your spouse will know what you use and what to buy for a present that you need/want
  • Impresses everyone that you are a serious Gardener Extraordinaire or Potager

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