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Here are some gardening secrets that will make your vegetable plants grow much better. You don’t need to be an expert in horticulture to grow great vegetables. Just a few of the secrets listed here will make your vegetable garden shine.

  • Tomatoes Tomatoes (Photo credit: CharlesFred)Gardening Secrets to Big Tomatoes

    Water the soil of your tomato plants and not the leaves. Tomatoes do not like wet leaves.

  • Coffee grounds spread around your plants stalks really helps cut down on slugs eating your vegetable plants. They don’t like moving over the sharp grounds with their soft bodies.
  • Use undiluted white vinegar to keep your weeds in check. Just spray it full strength on weeds and they’ll shrivel up. This natural weed killer is fantastic and safe.
  • Beans and peas fix nitrogen in your soil. Plant lots of these if you need to improve your soil. Plus they are healthy and tasty to eat.
  • When first starting a vegetable garden, start small and grow the plants you love to eat first. Starting with a big garden as a novice will really make you hate gardening.
  • Buy the best tools you can and take care of them. They will last for generations instead of one season. Keep your gardening tools clean and sharp. They don’t have to be razor sharp. A few passes with a file is usually fine.
  • Great gardening soil is one gardening secret that works every time. Good soil produces great vegetables.
  • Use cardboard tubes from toilet paper or paper towel rolls to start seeds. Cut them to about 3 inches long.¬† Fill with garden soil and place 2 seeds into each one and make sure they are covered up. Water a little. Keep the soil moist. Thin and keep the best looking one once they start growing. Transplant into your garden cardboard tube and all. The cardboard will rot and help your garden.
  • Cardboard egg cartons work the same way. Put some soil in them, plant your seeds. Once ready to transplant, cut the cells out and place in your garden.
  • Get your kids to help with the vegetable gardening. They’ll learn these secrets from you and love to eat what they have grown. Even mark a separate little plot for them they can call their own.
  • Over watering kills more vegetable plants then all other garden accidents combined. Buy and use a good moisture meter. The plant you save will be grateful and productive.
  • After mowing, use the grass clippings for mulching. This helps your plants and improves your gardening soil at the same time. Plus you will see less weeds.
  • Vegetable plants like soil that is moist but not wet. Keep the soil around your vegetables moist and do not let it dry out. There is a fine line between moist and wet.
  • Take a can and punch several small holes in the bottom of it. Bury this next to your plant when you set it in the ground. Fill the can with water and it will slowly water your plant for you. Check and refill it as needed.
  • Self watering containers will allow you to not only grow vegetables on your patio but is a solid way to grow that works wonderfully. I’m using this method almost exclusively. My tomatoes and cucumbers are growing like crazy.
  • Use water soluble fertilizer to give your vegetables the best food they can use.
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English: Summer vegetable garden in Roseville, Minnesota (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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